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Chat Automation + Wix Ascend is Here

EasyChatAi brings together IBM Watson Assistant and Wix Ascend to offer Wix website owners the upper-hand on customer service.

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How long will my

order take to ship?

Answer commonly asked questions without lifting a finger, and seamlessly enter the conversation when you need to, using the Wix Chat interface that we all know best.

Curate an assistant that

knows your business.

EasyChatAi uses IBM Watson Assistant to integrate Ai with your native Wix Chat. Create a bot specifically designed for your business, no code needed.

Integrate & go-live in minutes

Copy & paste our code snippet, configure your api keys, and you're all set! On average, the EasyChatAi integration takes approximately 5 minutes.

EasyChatAi is the first chat bot integration created to work directly with Wix Ascend.

Seamless Bot Updates

Need to add a skill to your bot? Make the update in IBM Watson Assistant and the changes automatically reflect on your website.


When its time to intervene, simply send a message from Wix Chat, and EasyChatAi will stop responding to the conversation.

Simple & Elegant

EasyChatAi brings artificial intelligence to your Wix website with ease. No 3rd party conversation storage, just the amazing Wix Chat interface we love.

Ready to put EasyChatAi to work?

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